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Senior Art Thesis

Boston College, 2022
At its core, this series is an exploration of self and identity in the midst of change and early-adulthood. It grapples with the notion that our “masks” or “personas” are ever-changing, boundless, and fluid. Through the layering and blurring of oil paint on canvas, my works both conceal and reveal the human face—depicting it as un-tethered and elusive. The faces are both there and not there—melting into the contexts surrounding them and taking on a new form. Taking inspiration from Jenny Saville, Kaya Donachie, and Francis Bacon, I explored the ways portraiture can melt into abstraction, making these personas enigmatic. I am fascinated with the notion of identity and how it is morphed and re-shaped by new contexts and I encourage viewers to consider identity just as such—as unbounded, forever in flux, and never entirely grounded.
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